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Pratapgarh Fort, Mahabaleshwar

Pratapgarh Fort was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja in 1656, around 24 km west of Mahabaleshwar. The fort comprises two ancient forts, one is the upper fort built on the top of the hill. 

Mini Kashmir or Tapola

Mini Kashmir or Tapola is a rustic hamlet with a beautiful lake adorning it, called the Shivsagar Lake. It is known for its adventurous jungle treks and pastoral beauty.

Lingamala Falls

The Lingamala falls are a nature sweetheart’s joy. You need to stroll through the woods and take after a walked trail to achieve it. The falls are situated in the midst of normal excellence, at an extraordinary spot for photography.

Aurthers Seat Point Mahabaleshwar

Arthur's Seat is a popular tourist destination, which is located 12 km away from Mahabaleshwar. This place is named after Arthur Malet, who was the first man to build a house at this point.

Venna Lake, Mahabaleshwar

Venna Lake, which is located 2 km away from the ST bus stand, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mahabaleshwar. This lake was constructed in 1842 by Shri Appa Saheb Maharaja, who was the ruler of Satara.

Kate's Point, Mahabaleshwar

Kate's Point is a huge rock, which stands around 50 m high. This point is named after the daughter of Sir John Malcom, who was the founder of Mahabaleshwar.


You should stick around Bombay Point after your horse ride to watch the sun descend below the horizon. The location is famed for its unrivalled views of the night sky and has even been dubbed the ‘Sunset Point’.

Dhobi Waterfalls, Mahabaleshwar

Dhobi Waterfall is located 3 km away from Mahabaleshwar, on the path, which connects Petit road with Old Mahabaleshwar road. Water from the fall drops into a deep valley River.

Elephant point

One of the best hill station of maharastra and a must visit province in the state There are rugged hills, dense forests, water falls and rivers that flow as though they have a mind of their own.

Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple

Mahabaleshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the important pilgrimage sites for the Hindus. The temple is situated in the Old Kshetra Mahabaleshwar, which is about 6 km north of the main city.

Helen's Point, Mahabaleshwar

Popularly called as Blue Valley, Helen’s Point is a delight of nature. The point is popular to various everlasting sceneries, green fields, flowing waters and many such natural wonders.

Elphinstone Point

Elphinstone point is situated 3.21 km ahead of Arthur's Seat and 11 km ahead of Frere Hall. At this point the Cliffs are higher and rise from the kokan.